Care policy

Many people can have an interest in what you're doing over the Internet: your government, its "super secret" surveillance programs, corporations, or even your ex o a creepy stalker. At Kéfir we worry about your privacy, so we intend to register the least amount of data about your travel around our islands. This way, when the day comes where someone asks us if we saw you pass by, we can calmly say: "I have no idea" ¯\_(?)_/¯

To take care of each other:

  • We don't register any IP address, so we can't know if you were or weren't here, if you were using Tor or a VPN.
  • We won't ask you to register an account, or to use your account from somewhere else, to be able to use vrr.im
  • In fact, we don't know who uses vrr.im, so it's not worth to even ask.
  • We won't publish the full list of unshortened URLs, in case you didn't want to share them publicly. This doesn't mean URLs are secret, so if you don't want for anybody to know them --not even by chance!--, except for your trusted contacts where we aren't included, then don't use vrr.im, at least for now!
  • When you open a link, you don't really know where it may take you, even more when you use a shortener like vrr.im that is masking another link. You may land in a place that will surprise you. The issue is when it takes you to a malevolent download like a virus, or a web page that takes the appereance of another (phishing), which sadly happens often in the Internet :(

Vrr.im tries to check if an unshortened URL is blacklisted as malware or phishing. If we find out it is, we'll simply discard it. But there's always room for error! We recommend you to not open shortened URLs, from vrr.im and from others, if you don't trust the source.

If you find this text lacking, or abundant, or difficult to understand, please write an email to vrrim@kefir.red. If you happen to encrypt your email using GPG, you can download our public key. Its fingerprint is 5FEC 6BD7 0E89 8733 8010 BEC7 FE92 B540 CC33 769E.

If you're curious about how vrr.im works, you can check it out here!

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